Serena Williams takes down hecklers for all of womankind

Unfortunately we live in a world where women in sports, no matter how skilled and celebrated they may be, still have to deal with the occasional side serving of discrimination or objectification.

In a new video for Glamour, an exasperated Serena Williams effectively shuts down a slew of annoying comments by pelting a heckler named Alec with tennis balls.

Just another day of practice.

“I’m doing this for all womenkind, and I’m kind of doing this for me a little too, on the low,” Williams says.

“You’re really talented—for a girl,” is the first remark.


“You should smile more!”


And so on and so forth.

This is not the first time Williams has called attention to the questions or comments she’s received. In 2015, Williams shut down a reporter who asked her why she wasn’t smiling. She did not actually pelt this particular reporter with tennis balls, but regardless, it’s exhilarating to hear her candid commentary as she calls out double standards in sports.

In a speech accepting the Sports Illustrated’s 2015 Sportsperson of the Year award, Williams addressed these comments:

Did you hear that, hecklers? She’s still going.

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