‘Silicon Valley’ Season 2 premiere recap: Mo’ money, mo’ problems


Coming off of its big win at TechCrunch Disrupt, Pied Piper is upping the ante in Season 2 of Silicon Valley, while the show itself is doubling down on dick jokes and cameos from real-life tech bigwigs.

Richard and co. are now the toast of the Valley, and every venture capital firm is aggressively courting Pied Piper to invest in its series A round. With Peter Gregory’s death (I’ll get to that later), Erlich fears Raviga Capital may experience instability, so he and Richard seek out funding offers from other firms

After the pair become aware of “negging” tactics used by VC firms to lower the value of Pied Piper (so they don’t have to pay as much per share), Richard and Erlich decide to neg them right back. This results in the premiere episode’s funniest sequence, which shows both guys successfully insulting various VCs with increasing intensity/absurdity to get more money. Here’s a sampling of Erlich’s best lines: …

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