The 9 most cringeworthy brand fails of 2016

From a steady stream of celebrity deaths to an election that lent itself better to screaming matches than corny jokes, 2016 gave brands plenty of opportunity to make everyone groan on Twitter.

Mourning the death of a beloved musical icon? So are the good people at Crocs! Watching an accused sex predator defend himself as he vies for the most powerful job in the world? Let Bisquick know if you have any questions!

These are the types of sensitive cultural moments you can always count on to spur at least one misguided corporate social media team to bumble their way into.

But brands also reminded us once again this year that they are plenty capable of faceplanting all on their own — whether mistaking two iconic black women at an event already steeped in diversity controversy or failing to foresee a bot’s transformation into a racist hatemonger. …

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Via: Mashable: Advertising

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