The Countries With the Fastest Internet Are All in Asia


Asia is solidifying its place as the world’s epicenter for top-speed Internet access, according to the latest research from Akamai Technologies expected to be published later today.

The top four places, ranked by their average peak connection speeds, were in Asia. Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Singapore had the speediest broadband, in that order, according to the study that looked at traffic flowing through Akamai’s global network from July through September. With Taiwan ranking No. 8, regions or countries in Asia made up half of the top ten.

Nearly all of the major Asia-Pacific markets tracked by Akamai improved their peak connection speeds by at least 12% compared with the previous year. Indonesia was the only one that dropped — a 30% decrease year-over-year to 9.7 megabits per second, putting the country at 115th on the list. India is the only major market in Asia that came in behind Indonesia, with an average peak speed of 9 Mbps. China’s 11.3 Mbps average wasn’t enough to break into the top 100, either. …

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