‘The Leftovers’ Pilot Recap: After the Pope and Gary Busey Go ‘Poof’


The 140 million people who disappear without a trace in HBO’s Rapture-themed drama The Leftovers include a hilariously random assortment of celebrities: Pope Benedict XVI, Condoleezza Rice, J.Lo, Anthony Bourdain, Bonnie Raitt, “Satanic Verses” author Salman Rushdie and Hollywood freakshow Gary Busey.

“The Pope. I get the Pope,” says a bartender at the local tavern in the fictional New York suburb of Mapleton. “But Gary f—king Busey? How does he make the cut?”

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Don’t try to reason why, responds police chief Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux), knocking back beers as a cable news network scrolls through a who’s-who of famous missing persons. …

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