The Magic Butter-Softening Knife We’ve All Been Wishing For


A new Kickstarter project is about to make the butter-spreading process run smoother.

A new butter knife called The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp has a built-in grater to aerate and soften butter before you spread it. No more unblended clumps of butter stubbornly sitting on your bread. No more bread with giant holes resulting from your failed attempts to spread butter.

The project, from Australia’s DM Initiatives, has already surpassed its initial $38,000 funding goal, but you have until Sept. 2 to get in on the rewards

For $12 AUD (about $11 USD), backers can own a butter-softening knife when they ship in March 2015. (Larger donations will get you one even earlier.) …

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Via: Mashable: Startups

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