The Monster-Hunting Game ‘Evolve’ Came Out of Nowhere to Win E3


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to fulfill a dream you’ve had for 10 years, only to see that dream exceed your wildest expectations? That’s what Chris Ashton, cofounder of Turtle Rock Studios and design director for Evolve, a monster-hunting multi-player game.

Ashton and others from the Evolve team previously developed
Left 4 Dead, a 4-player zombie survival co-op game that became a hit back in 2008. But even before Left 4 Dead hit the scene, Ashton and his friends had a dream idea for a game they hadn’t yet realized.

“If you’ve ever played any games at all, you’ve probably played a game where there was a boss monster at the end and you fought it,” Ashton said. “What we wanted to do with Evolve was we wanted to fight that boss monster with our buddies, and then we figured out one of our buddies could even be the boss monster.” …

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