This HTC Vive and HoloLens hack combines VR and AR for true ‘mixed reality’

Yes, I’m tired of hearing about the “mixed reality” as “the next big thing,” too. Virtual reality and augmented reality are still just becoming fully baked experiences. Enough with the VC-fueled hype cycles™.

But a new experiment could merge the two technologies into something that’s genuinely exciting.

A software developer managed to take an HTC Vive headset (VR) and a Microsoft HoloLens headset (AR) and connect the two with an app, which allows users of both to interact with each other in mixed reality.

Using Microsoft’s HoloLens developer kit, Drew Gottlieb, who is studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology, created an app called the HoloViveObserver. It gives a HoloLens user the ability to observe or take over — in real time — a VR project from a Vive user. …

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Via: Mashable: Tech

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