This innovative device dispenses life-saving medicine through breast milk


2.9 million babies die each year in their first month of life. Safely and practically administering vital medicine to infants is a global challenge — especially in certain countries where access to safe healthcare is limited. The very first hours and days of an infant’s life carry the most risk. Recognising the difficulty faced by parents and healthcare staff in administering medical care to these young ones, one company has created an innovative solution: JustMilk.

So how does it work?

JustMilk is a disposable silicone device, which is designed to administer medicine and nutrients to infants via the flow of breast milk. The device is super-thin, meaning that medicine can be administered discreetly and effectively during the breastfeeding stage. Although the device is still in its testing stage — the company hopes the device can be used “in the global fight against malnutrition, infectious diseases and other health crises.” …

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Via: Mashable: Startups

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