Uber Isn’t a Savior for Drivers Any More Than Amazon Is for Authors


Uber claims its founders aren’t the only ones a little richer thanks to the taxi startup.

An UberX driver putting in a 40-hour work week with the company’s app makes a median income of $90,766 in New York City, the company claimed on Tuesday. A San Francisco driver makes $74,191. Median household income in the New York City is closer to $51,000.

A cab driver in New York City makes about $130 a day, twenty bucks less than in 2006. That comes out to $33,800 if a cabby works fives days a week for the whole year.

Those eye-popping numbers are a product of cutting out middlemen and allowing drivers to operate independently, Uber said. Meanwhile, the Uber platform gives consumers better service and price transparency, while operating on UberX allows driver to user their own cars and without expensive licensing such as medallions. …

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Via: Mashable: Media

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