WhatsApp Cofounder on Facebook: We’re Not Getting ‘Swallowed By the Borg’


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6PbymjXsto]

Brian Acton still hasn’t fully come to terms with the idea of his new life as a a billionaire and Facebook employee.

Acton, one of the two cofounders of WhatsApp, opened up about his personal feelings on the pending Facebook acquisition in his first speaking engagement ever at StartX, a startup incubator affiliated with Stanford University, on Wednesday night.

“More than anything, you are somewhat numb,” Acton said of the negotiation process with Facebook. “You are dumbstruck as to what’s going on. You have this flotilla of lawyers around you. And it was a lot of lawyers, I’ll tell you that. Ninety-six hours of being in conference rooms with lawyers non-stop.” …

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