Why ‘Batman v Superman’ will be terrible, by a Superman fangirl


This Friday, March 25th, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters in the U.S. It’s a sequel to 2013′s Man of Steel with at least triple the superhero protagonists. The studio’s intention is to kickstart a whole new franchise of DC Comics-based movies.

But as a lifelong Superman fan — the target audience, in theory — I find myself with low expectations and raised hackles.

The first problem is that Batman v Superman is helmed by the same director who gave us the mess that was Man of Steel, Zack Snyder. Though Snyder claims to understand his subject, his actions speak louder.

As someone who spent her entire teen years immersed in Superman comics, I had to say: Challenge accepted, Snyder. Read on to discover why you’re wrong. …

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