Why Lyft is trimming its pink mustache


John Zimmer, the cofounder and president of Lyft, was sitting in a meeting last week with his new chief marketing officer and one of the company’s partners looking at data about the “ride-sharing” market. It should have been a fairly routine meeting, but for some reason, Zimmer had a big smile on his face.

“I said, ‘Why are you smiling?’” says Kira Wampler, who took over as Lyft’s CMO three weeks ago

Zimmer’s response, as she recalls it: ‘When we first got going, we heard, ‘This isn’t ride-sharing, you can’t call it ‘ride-sharing.’ You’re a taxi substitute.’ The fact that we are sitting here today with a major partner and that the word we are using is ‘ride-sharing’ is really enormous.” …

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