Why Super Bowl ads never live up to the hype


I teach advertising. I watch advertising. I even like advertising. When it’s good. And if it’s not all that advertising-like. So of course I look forward to the Super Bowl. And of course I’m inevitably disappointed.

So how can that be? Isn’t the Super Bowl supposed to showcase the best that advertising has to offer? The strategic imperative, whether officially written into the brief or not, asks agencies to create something that critics and viewers alike will love. There’s pressure to trend on Twitter. And kudos should the spot find itself atop the USA Today‘s rankings on Monday.

Yet despite all the hoopla — the pre-game coverage of the advertising, a stream of teaser spots, the anticipation amplified by social media — the spots themselves rarely live up to their implied promise. The formulas feel familiar, the punch lines expected, the celebrities overused. …

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Via: Mashable: Advertising

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