Why YouTubers are so mad at YouTube, again


LOS ANGELES — PewDiePie is so mad at YouTube that he’s calling it quits once he hits 50 million subscribers.

Why? Felix Kjellberg is among a handful of frustrated creators who claim they have seen their video views decline and their subscribers suddenly disappear. Some YouTubers even say they have lost 30 to 40 percent of their usual views.

The general theory is that YouTube has a new algorithm that has caused glitches. Although some in the internet community have come up with a conspiracy theory that YouTube boosts ads on the “trending” tab and videos with more likes and comments.

“It is really upsetting how [YouTube] did this change. They won’t explain what happened properly to anyone,” PewDiePie, who has just over 49 million subscribers, said in a video uploaded Friday. “It’s not just me, a lot of YouTubers are noting this.” …

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