Your internet service provider shouldn’t be allowed to spy on you, but they can (and will)


Dane Jasper is cofounder and CEO of Sonic, the largest independent internet service provider in Northern California.

Last week Senate Republicans voted to abolish vital internet privacy rules created by the Federal Communications Commission. Lobbyists for big telecom companies want these rules abolished, but Sonic disagrees, and we urge the House of Representatives to reconsider this attack on Americans’ privacy.

Consumers deserve their privacy when they use the Internet. Internet access is an essential part our lives today. The vibrant and dynamic ecosystem of amazing applications, tools, people and content has driven the growth of the internet, which in turn has transformed every aspect of society — from business, government and education to our privates lives. And it’s precisely the openness of the internet that has fueled this prosperity; its integrity is now being put into question. …

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